To date, we have undertaken projects with 250+ organisations spanning 60+ countries.

Our consulting projects take place either through one of our Local Hubs or the Global Hub.

Local Hubs: 

We have local hubs in 25+ cities worldwide that undertake their own consulting projects locally. Here, students and professionals from a city can join projects with socially driven organisations in the local community.

Global Hub: 

The Global Hub is home to our international projects. No matter where students or professionals live around the world, they are able to apply to the Global Hub and join our international projects.


Below you can find a list of our local hubs.

If you are interested in joining one of our Local Hubs, you can do so through our platform - HERE!


If you are an organisation interested in receiving support from one of our Local Hubs or the Global Hub, please complete our contact form - HERE!


  • Los Angeles

  • New York City

  • San Francisco

  • São Paulo

  • Toronto

Europe, Middle East & Africa:

  • Abuja

  • Amsterdam

  • Birmingham

  • Budapest

  • Cardiff

  • Dubai

  • Kampala

  • London

  • Maastricht

  • Madrid

  • Milan

  • Munich

  • Paris

Asia - Pacific:

  • Bangalore

  • Delhi

  • Hong Kong

  • Hyderabad

  • Karachi

  • Kolkata

  • Singapore

  • Sydney