Jack has consulting experience across the public and private sectors, in areas of business strategy, technology and transformation. He is currently undertaking a dual-award MSc International Management from CEMS and the University of Sydney. Jack is an IronMan triathlon finisher and ex-Premier League academy footballer at Fulham and Southampton FC. During his Undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds, Jack also completed a study-abroad year at Bluefield College in the USA, on an academic and athletic scholarship as a student athlete.





Joe is a Professor of Management Consulting and a consultant to the consulting industry. He has advised companies such as McKinsey & Co., IBM, Deloitte and KPMG on innovation and helped numerous small consultancies grow successfully.

Joe's research on the consulting industry has been published in the world's top management journals, and his books with Oxford University Press are the best selling textbooks on the topic globally.

Joe has taught and coached over 2,000 executives and MBA students on management consultancy and helped hundreds of students gain places at leading consulting firms.


Joe's work has been recognised in an award from the British Academy of Management, several University prizes, and he was recently made the first Academic Fellow of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.