Backed by a team of highly-motivated and talented consultants, our Operations practice aims to tackle some of the most common operational challenges faced by our clients. At Impact Consulting, we aim to provide actionable recommendations  that will lead to lasting change and measurable improvements. For our clients, our services covering operations include:


In order to be successful, all elements of an organisation must work together in harmony. All functional areas need to have strategies and objectives that are directly aligned with the organisation's mission. Therefore, an organisations operating model sets out how the organisation delivers its business model and more specifically, its value proposition to its customers.


Impact Consulting works with its clients to evaluate how its people, processes and technology can drive value for its overall operations and ultimately, help the organisation achieve its strategic goals.


Your product mix is one of the most essential elements of your organisation. It represents who you are as a brand and an organisation and the value that you provide for your customers.

Whether it's an opportunity to expand your product range or tweak your current products based on changing customer needs, our consultants are here to evaluate the implications these changes will have on your operations and ultimately your profitability


In today's globalised business world, an efficient and effective supply chain can be the difference between winning and losing in your market. Escalating customer expectations now mean consumers expect their product in rapid time, often with a personalised service.

We can work with you to identify areas of improvement across your supply chain and evaluate your distribution strategy to help you reach new customers.