Our Strategy practice meets the needs of all types and sizes of social impact organisations. At Impact Consulting, we aim to provide actionable recommendations that will lead to lasting change and measurable improvements. Within Strategy, our propositions encompass

some of our clients most pressing strategic



Strategic planning usually comes about from the right intentions, but once created, plans can often be left on a top shelf and never looked at again. Yet, strategic planning is a vital element in defining a clear path for an organisation's future.

Impact Consulting works with you to help clarify your organisations overall mission and goals, set specific and measurable objectives and create a clear plan for achieving them. We will then work alongside you to assess your performance against these objectives in the long-run. Strategic Planning also aims to help Organisations through times of crisis, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic for example, short-term regular goals should be clearly outlined and compared against, to help you weather the storm.


Expand to international markets? Reduce your product pricing? Or diversify into new products or services? Businesses have a myriad of options they can consider for growing their business. Developing a growth strategy can be an exciting, yet daunting experience that can leave even the most experienced entrepreneurs feeling nervous.


Our consultants are here to evaluate your different growth options, to identify the implications of your new strategy on your business and operating models and to benchmark your changes against successful use-cases.

Developing a thorough understanding of your competitive landscape and the environment in which it operates in is essential for any business. Not only should market analysis assess who your main competitors are, but it should also evaluate the key trends in your market, its growth rate and how much market share your business can reasonably obtain.

Our consultants are equipped to undertake the detailed market analysis required for your business, to provide you with a clear picture of the current and future state of your market. We consider a variety of aspects that may affect the success of your business, whether its the threat of substitute products, Government regulation or changing customer needs.


What partnerships can you leverage to increase revenue? What channels would be most effective for you in reaching your target market? What resources would provide you with a competitive advantage? By working through your key business model components, entrepreneurs reap enormous benefits to productivity and performance by enhancing their businesses strengths and diminishing it's weaknesses.

Whether it's identifying new revenue streams, developing customer relationships or defining customer segments, our consultants can support you across all areas of your business model.